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Jot It Down

One of the most powerful self-care steps you can take is to embrace the art of journaling. You might feel like dismissing this, but before you do, take a look at a few facts.
 Studies Have Shown: People who journal experience better moods. Journaling helps to reduce stress. Regular journaling is an effective tool to …

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Writing Personal Goals

To achieve my goals, I followed this format; Moving towards pleasure. In other words, what I wanted not what I didnt want. For example: I want to weigh 165 vs. I want to lose 20 pounds I used metrics. My weight before was 185 and my goal weight was 165.  

Our Goal

Use the goal achievement framework along with a range of techniques and strategies from thought leaders specializing in goal setting, personal improvement, positive mindset, life hacking  and more. The ultimate goal is to provide actionable information that helps you get what you want from life.